Childrens Workshop

Smart Textiles

Over the course of Saturday 24th we are running a full day of workshops for children of the attendees.

Children can be dropped in from 9am and collected at 5pm.  Food provided.

Shirley Coyle

Shirley Coyle

Bringing Fashion and Engineering together to create truly wearable technology. Shirley is an experienced fashion designer with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. Recently set up Common GroundDesign, prototyping, designing and teaching all things wearable.

Exploring textiles – with practical tasks such as colour changing fabric paints and then weaving conductive fabrics into fabric musical instruments using Makey makey.

first off a design challenge where they work in groups to draw/create a smart outfit, on A3 sheets which we could display and photograph to send to all the parents and other attendees to show the kids’ ideas.

Then create light up cards or fabric circuits using sewable components that they can bring home. These are the priciest things, estimating 5euro a person to include battery holder, conductive thread, sewable LEDs and switch.